Sea Princess Marine Services Egypt

Ship Repaire & Technical Services

Quality of service is essential to us and we undertake all repairs within pre-agreed budgets and time frames.
With our technical expertise and local market knowledge, we undertake on our customers behalf to carry the following specialised services:

* Cabin-safety-stationary-deck-engine-chemicals coating-lashing equipments.
* Mooring & Towing ropes
* Steel wire ropes galvanized or not and its accessories.
* Anchors, anchor chains, shackles and lashing equipments.
* Marine chemicals and tanks cleaning materials.


* Coating, painting and its equipments.
* Personal safety and protective gears.
* Marine and industrial fire fighting equipments.
* Safety, IMO signs and rescue equipments.

* Hoses, coupling and nozzles for marine and industrial use
* Marine electrical fittings.
* Electronics and navigational equipments.
* Pneumatic and electrical tools(decaling, grinding Equipments).
* Pneumatic and electrical pumps and winches.
* Hand and cutting tools.
* Measuring instruments.

* Metal sheets and bars.
* All types, shapes of bolts, nuts and washers.
* Carbon steel pipes tubes and its fittings.
* All types of marine and industrial valves.
* Packing and jointing materials.
* Welding and cutting equipments.
* Hoists of all types .


To meet the challenge, we are always working to develop and improve our team’s abilities to respond efficiently and accurately to your requirements whenever, wherever needed. Implementing the highest international qualified management standards we are ISSA quality standard
24 hours - 7 days
Mobile: +20-122-2419659
Head Office : Sea Princess Marine Services
7 El Souk El-omomi St.Suez,Egypt


Fax: +20-62-3358101
Telex: 66080 (Egypt Code 54)
AOH: +20-62-3322816